What's Animal Abuse?

​The best way to let others know about animal abuse is read about it and tell your family and friends. Another way is to volunteer or donate money or goods to orga​nizations that protect abused animals.

There are many cruel ways to abuse an animal. This includes:

Weapons​, Human environment​, Medical experiments, Circus acts​, Cages, Filmmaking​, Bullfighting, Cock fights

Much more!!

create awareness

​If you ever witness an act of abuse, acting up isn’t always the best choice. Never get involved with a stranger by yourself. If the animal is hurt, don’t try to help a wounded animal by yourself, rather, get an adult and ask for medical attention if necessary. 911 is always an option in severe cases.


What can I do?

For a long time people have been abusing animals.

​Animal abuse is when animals are harmed, killed, poisoned, or have no veterinary care. This can lead to animal endangerment and soon extinction. There are many cruel ways to abuse an animal. ''Animals are people too.''

Examples of abuse